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Public Square Historic District Facade Easement Program

Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. and the Watertown Trust announce the Public Square Historic District Facade Easement Program.


The Public Square National Register Historic District has many building facades that are unique, attractive and eligible for certification as "contributing to the District". These contributing building facades are deemed a public asset in the City of Watertown and are therefore eligible to be included in a Facade Easement program as established under the laws of the State of New York.


The Local Development Corporation of Watertown (WLDC) will provide funds to be invested in the District and used to rehabilitate eligible facades (Projects) to approved Standards and within Program guidelines. There will be no repayment component, however a Facade Easement will be required, subordinated to by all lien holders, with a term as required by the Program and enabling statute.

Other Funds

From time to time other programs such as The New York Main Street Program may be combined with the Facade Easement Program. When this occurs, other requirements and restrictions may apply as applicable to the other funding regulations.


There exists in the City of Watertown, a Qualified 50l-C3 Not For Profit Corporation, Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. (Neighbors), that will be the recipient of the Facade Easements, coordinate the rehabilitation of the Facades, perform annual inspections and oversee their long-term maintenance, as required by enabling legislation. Neighbors is eligible, within its purposes, to receive public and private funding for historically rehabilitating eligible facades in the District and has the demonstrated ability to do so.


Promotion and coordination of the Program will be done by Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc.. Neighbors will promote the program through brochures, press releases and meetings with downtown building owners.


Properties eligible to participate are:

  • Located in the Public Square National Register Historic District
  • Certified by the U.S. Department of the Interior as contributing to the District
  • Determined by the Committee to be within Program guidelines and are able to meet Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Rehabilitation (Standards)
  • And whose owner will grant a Facade Easement under the terms of the Program.


While this is expected to be a long-term program, it is anticipated that 10 facade units, defined as a single width storefront up to 3 stories in height, will initially be accepted into the Program for rehabilitation and preservation.

For more information on the Public Square Facade Easement Program contact:

Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. - Reg Schweitzer at (315) 782-8497.